The Paint and the Process

Without boring you to death with all of the technical jargon, I want to explain to you why you are about to get the absolute best custom paint experience you could possibly have.

We are a small shop. This being the case keeps us easily accessible to our customers. You have a question? Call me. An idea creeps into your mind while we are working on your project. Let me know. Customer interaction, communication and bouncing ideas off of each other are key to getting a one of a kind, fully custom paint job that both fits your vision and your ride!

I routinely sit down with prospective customers and go over the ideas and the vision you have. Sketching out a rough draft of the project to make sure we are on the same page. While at the same time throwing in my ideas and expertise to guide them in to making the absolute best decisions as far as color combinations, layout and design ideas. If required I can draft out a representation of the finished project in detail so that the customer will go into this with supreme confidence that they are getting just what they want. No surprises. After all, my name is on this work and it is made to last a lifetime!
You will never see another paint job come out of our shop exactly like yours. I do not copy other artists work either. What you receive is unique to you.

Our equipment and materials are top notch. You may have heard of some of our suppliers… House of Kolor, Iwata, One Shot, Mack Brushes, 3M, DuPont and Bulldog just to name a few. We do not skimp on materials just to save a buck when it means a possible lowering of our standards. Your project is treated just as if it were mine. No exceptions.

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